How to make a Saran Squish Rock - a Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Saran Squish Tutorial

Learn how to paint this beautiful Rock:

Disclaimer: This Rock Painting technique can get very messy!

I recommend wearing latex or plastic gloves while painting this.


Step 1. Paint the Rock white and let it dry.

Step 2. Take the end of your paint brush and dip it into your paint colors. You’ll want a generous amount of paint on the bottom tip of your brush. Or you can just squeeze the paint directly onto the Rock OR put the paint directly on the Saran Wrap.

Step 3. Keep adding dots of all the different colors of paint until it looks like it will cover the Rock.

Step 4. Take the plastic wrap and place it on top of the Rock.

Step 5. Wrap the Rock and pull it tight.

Step 6. Place the Rock face-down on the table.

Step 7. Un-wrap the Rock and pull the four corners of the plastic wrap until it’s flat.

Step 8. Pull the Rock off of the plastic wrap.


Step 9. Place the Rock outside to dry. Depending on how much paint is on the Rock, it could take up to 24 hours to dry completely.


Step 10. Once the Rock is dry, grab your white and black paint pens.

Step 11. Paint/draw trees around the base of your Rock with the black pen. Next, put dots/stars on your Rock with the white paint pen.

You can write words on your Rock or whatever you choose!

You can watch the video tutorial of this technique on my YouTube



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