How to Prepare Rocks for Painting

Here's What I do to Prepare my Rocks for Painting - from washing, prepping & priming Rocks - everything you need to know about getting your pieces of Rock Art ready for your wild creations!

A Rock painted blue with Trees and Stars on it

Step 1. Rinse the Rock with warm water & let it dry completely. Most of the Rocks I find only need a good rinse and a really good dry.
Running Water for Washing Rocks
Step 2. If the Rock is really dirty you can use warm water, dish soap and a scrub brush - old toothbrushes work great!
Soapy Water

Step 3. Let the Rocks dry COMPLETELY. I use paper towels or a dish towel to dry my Rocks off. You can also place them outside for quick drying or use a blow dryer for SUPER quick drying time.


Dry Rocks ready for Painting

Step 4. If the Rocks are dark, I would recommend painting them with a coat of white paint to act as a "primer" but if for example, the Rocks are the color of the ones up above (a lighter color) I put my paint directly on them.

If you are wanting vibrant colors always paint your rocks white before painting them with your design.


PRO-TIP: Always make sure your Rock is dry and the white paint is completely dry before painting your design on the Rock. 


Stay Tuned:

My next blog will be on the different types of sealants you can use on your Rocks.


As always, if you have any questions contact me under the Contact Page or leave me a comment down below.

Happy Rock Painting, Rock Friend!

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