About Tabi - The Rock Painting Girl

I'm Tabi, The Rock Painting Girl. I've been painting Rocks since 2016. I enjoy painting Rocks so much that I wanted to share Rock Painting with the world!
That's why I started the ONLY Rock Painting Subscription Box!

I put these Rock Kits together for YOU & your loved ones. My favorite time spent with others is when people put down their electronics, get creative and use their imagination!

All you need to do is open a box and you have everything you need to start your Rock Painting adventure!

There's nothing that makes me happier than seeing your creations

If you'd like to know more about me, here are five things you may not know:

1) I've lived in and have been to multiple countries. Some of the countries I have lived in are; Italy, Guatemala, Mexico and Germany.

2) I am half Hispanic.

3) I used to work on music videos in Los Angeles.

4) I used to paint shirts for bands. Some of the bands include; The Strokes, Cake and Weezer. I have met all of these bands, because of my painted shirts!

5) I used to work at Tower Records... back when there were actual record stores!


Some of my recent donations have been to:

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for pediatric cancer patients, The Gospel Rescue Mission for Homeless Children & The Head Start Program.

Thank YOU for your help in this effort!